A new partner emerges! Welcome Port San Antonio.

Player 2 has entered the game!   We’re honored to announce our second supporter of the EIEF and the SA8 Collegiate Invitational: Port San Antonio!   From their website: “For 100 years, the large space that is Port San Antonio has been a place where generations of talented people have focused their energy, creativity and… Continue reading A new partner emerges! Welcome Port San Antonio.

Welcome Aboard SPIFspace!

We started the EIEF to emphasize the ecosystem of gaming and esports and it’s legitimacy in the world of business but we know we’re going to need support. So, today we are proud to announce our first strategic sponsor SPIFspace! SPIFspace, a lifestyle clothing brand that merges gaming pop-culture and urban streetwear, were immediately invested… Continue reading Welcome Aboard SPIFspace!