A new partner emerges! Welcome Port San Antonio.

Player 2 has entered the game!


We’re honored to announce our second supporter of the EIEF and the SA8 Collegiate Invitational: Port San Antonio!


From their website: “For 100 years, the large space that is Port San Antonio has been a place where generations of talented people have focused their energy, creativity and hard work to achieve a better life for themselves and the generations who follow.
That powerful concept—building futures—defines the work that is undertaken today and the opportunities we’re preparing our community to capture in the century ahead.”

These sentiments are echoed by the immediate alignment of their organization to the purpose of the EIEF. With such a tremendous emphasis on STEAM-based jobs and esports on the rise, we know this is going to be a terrific match for students looking to pursue careers in the related fields.

In case you haven’t heard the word on the street, an Innovation Center—complete with a state-of-the art technology and esports arena-will be opening in San Antonio in the heart of the Port campus! Today we are very proud to announce our strategic partnership with Port San Antonio, which is moving fast to ensure that the e-arena will open in early 2022.


Port San Antonio understands the role that esports plays in education and workforce development which is why building a recreational venue such as an esports arena is important to the city of San Antonio as it will draw talented young people from throughout the community and connect them with the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology and other collaborative educational components of the Innovation Center, a 130,000 square-foot technology showplace.


A magnet for the public, industry and educators alike the technology arena will have an expected capacity of 2,500 guests. Large video monitors and other equipment will provide San Antonio with its first grand virtual showcase. The space can also be configured as an auditorium or conference center to hold large meetings and conduct demonstrations and training programs in cybersecurity, virtual and augmented reality and other technologies. It will also be available to local educators and national events that include Cyber Patriot, robotics and esports competitions that support the development of the skills of the next generation of digital experts.


Their involvement in the local gaming community is still in its infancy but their impact so far has been vast. Thank you again for your continued support!


Behold!  The Port San Antonio Innovation Center and Technology/Esports Arena renderings