We started the EIEF to emphasize the ecosystem of gaming and esports and it’s legitimacy in the world of business but we know we’re going to need support. So, today we are proud to announce our first strategic sponsor SPIFspace!

SPIFspace, a lifestyle clothing brand that merges gaming pop-culture and urban streetwear, were immediately invested in our plan to utilize gaming and esports as a teaching tool.  

The story begins in 2014 when two friends started hosting Super Smash tournaments at a coffee shop in Houston, Texas. The brand quickly flourished when demand for their clothing designs rose locally. Exploring their work further, they then set out to attend other gaming events as vendors. Building on the success of these competitions and overwhelming support from the community they formalized the duo as SPIFspace, a nod to their shared love of a childhood comic, and set out to breathe their love of video games and fondness for nostalgia into a clothing brand.

Now they are a traveling staple for Super Smash events across the United States and are loving every minute of the journey. Revered for taking up to a 30 hour drive just to set up their booth, few work harder than the SPIFspace team.

For our first competitive event, the SA8, we are collaborating on the jersey design for our event winners. Behold, the SA8 Collegiate Invitational Premier jersey:

The color scheme will be determined by the respective winners collegiate colors.

We admire their spirit and eye for design but most of all we admire their love for the gaming community. Thank you all so much for standing with our mission. We’re going to do great things together!