Welcome Aboard Slackers Sports Bar!

With the first iteration of gamers growing a little older and taking a back seat to esports it only makes sense to have a place to sit back and watch a Counter-Strike match or Super Smash Bros bracket. We couldn’t have picked a place closer to home than Slackers Sports Bar.

It took no convincing for their team of founders to see our mission and rally behind us. Slackers has been serving adult gamers for almost as long as long as we’ve been putting the “E” in esports which gives us great confidence in our partnership to grow the gaming community in our city.

Established in 2013, Locally owned and operated Slackers Sports and Arcade Bar became the 1st of its kind setting itself apart from San Antonio’s Night life and Service industry. Adding its spin on a more modern and interactive Sports bar by introducing arcade cabinets for a vintage gaming experience.

With four locations across San Antonio, you’re not far from finding a unique twist on urban nightlife. Each establishment has a different set of attractions from Shuffle Golf, Soccer Pool, Pinball machines, arcade cabinets and on to the more traditional attractions like pool tables, individual dart board lanes, and shuffle board.

They were voted #1 Sports Bar and Best Bar for Games by the SA Current so you can count on there being something for everyone to enjoy.

We’re quickly on a path to push San Antonio further into the growth that is esports and were thankful that they are a part. It’s partnerships like this one that help further carve out a place for esports in Central Texas and opportunity for students like our participants to truly chase their passions where ever that they may take them.

Thank you so much Slackers!