The cold snap that Texas experienced just a week ago really put emphasis on how we take for granted the infrastructure that surrounds us. I thought, walking in to hosting this event, that we would remain relatively insulated from incident because it was being moved to online. Then, in almost predictable fashion, Murphy’s Law reared its ugly head and swiftly reminded me of how wrong that train of thought was.

A new look for Central Texas.

Connectivity is growing closer and closer to being a utility and not a luxury. With the amount of data that is being stored and transferred growing at an exponential rate, it’s important you find an ISP that’s going to deliver the best possible products. That’s why we’re proud to have GVTC, an award-winning fiber optics communications provider, supporting the EIEF and sponsoring our SA8 Collegiate Invitational.

As one of 2021’s Top 10 Best Gaming ISPs in the Nation according to PCMag, it only made sense we partnered to start building our gaming and esports communities in South and Central Texas. They continually make strides to connect rural Texas to not just a fiber optic cable but a network built to bring consistent results and the lowest possible latency.

GVTC offers high-speed internet connections of up to 1 Gbps and symmetrical broadband connections, up to 250 Mbps to San Antonio, the Texas Hill Country, and South-Central Texas. They’re serious about their stuff.

They already have some exciting stuff being planned to bring gaming to their local community, so this is just the beginning. Welcome to the team GVTC! We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.

Visit to learn more about their high-speed Internet, digital cable TV, phone and interactive home security monitoring for residential and business customers.